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Accelerating the voice and vision of women entrepreneurs in Northern Alberta and Northwest Saskatchewan


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Project Gazelle is a women’s economic empowerment project. Through 15 Community Futures offices and other community partners we support female entrepreneurs and business owners in Northern Alberta and Northwest Saskatchewan. Project Gazelle is supported by the Government of Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Strategy. 

Project Gazelle focuses on assisting female entrepreneurs build a successful venture. It can be as simple as introducing the concept of entrepreneurship to assisting with the development of a thorough business plan. Our unique approach to business development includes innovative coaching and training plus access to unique co-working areas. Project Gazelle believes in the rainforest philosophy, where bringing entrepreneurs together creates opportunities for sharing and new ideas emerge.

Have you ever thought of starting your own business? If so we are here to help. Project Gazelle focuses on assisting female entrepreneurs build a successful venture. Contact us today to get involved.

You can search and browse local female merchants on the Gazelle

The Gazelle is an online marketplace for local female entrepreneurs to post their products. The marketplace connects shoppers to the products in their area! We built this platform to showcase a variety of products made and sold by local businesses in a convenient search directory. At the point of purchase, you will be taken to the merchant’s e-commerce site for an easy checkout.

Before having a shop on The Gazelle marketplace, you need to be a ‘gazelle’ in Project Gazelle.

Project Gazelle provides a number of services to ensure that we can enhance basic business development services. Our combination of advance coaching, unique training and variety of mentoring opportunities ensures that each business developer that is a part of our program receives the services they require to build a successful venture.

The Gazelle users are entitled to an array of data protection rights, including the erasure of their data from online platforms.

We leverage Local Shops to assist us with the functionality of the marketplace. Please review their Privacy Policy for information pertaining to your data collection, retention, and administration.