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Photential Health

Photential Health

Sheila is a seasoned Registered Nurse, working in private practice comprising of holistic therapies. Her approach to self-heal the body, mind and spirit goes back to the teaching and theories of Hahnemann, Hippocrates, and supporting the body’s area of dysregulation.

Sheila has received her Diploma in Bioregulatory Medicine,(H), (Homoeopathic Medicine) and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST®️), and Doctorate of Natural Medicine (DNM®️). She has completed advanced BCST®️ training in Mothers, Babies and Children, (Birthing Process and Birth and Attachment Theories), as well as advanced training on Spine, Nervous System and Pain. 

Sheila is certificated in Biological Terrain Analysis, Live Blood Analysis, Dry Layer, Hemobiographic Blood Analysis, and DIAD Microscopy. She has received her level 2 in Psychosomatic Energetics Testing as well as BioFace Lifts, and BioMagnetic Pairs training. Additional certified courses in TUI La Acupressure, Color Therapy, RESET, Constitutional Iridology and Aromatherapy add to her expertise. Also adding Medical Guardianship/Advocacy/Navigator to her services.  Currently, about to complete a year long psychotherapytraining on Compassionate Inquiry, with Dr. Ganor Mate.

Sheila’s passion is to coach and facilitate your wellness and quality of life through a variety of gentle holistic (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) therapies. Sheila delights in focusing on holistic patient centered care, helping to enhance and work in harmony acknowledging that we are all unique and individual.  Her diverse caseload ranges from pre-natal – birth to 90+ year olds.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 780-853-0409

5016B - 49 Ave, Vermilion, Alberta T9X 1B7