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Accelerating the voice and vision of women entrepreneurs in Northern Alberta and Northwest Saskatchewan

Alison Weaver

Alison Weaver - Her Story

Alison Weaver – Her Story has two business streams.

The first stream is Navigate, a day/life planner for women in the agriculture and rural settings. This planner was created as a tool to help women find stability in an industry where balance truly doesn’t exist. The planner will help you be resilient with a plan and bring more productivity to your week. It will provide you with self-care, daily planning, journaling and helpful resources and record keeping.

The second stream is promoting Alison’s motivational speaking. Alison actively embraces the farm and enjoys engaging and educating people about agriculture. How to overcome the challenges and encourage women that they are enough. She believes in the importance of sharing your story to help others, and to lift each up. When Alison shares her story with you she hopes everyone feels like they are sitting around the kitchen table enjoying and supporting each other. ” The farm can constantly be in motion, how to do you balance the sprinting, leave the guilt behind and enjoy the marathon called life”

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 780-872-9861

Lloydminster AB T9V 3A8