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Accelerating the voice and vision of women entrepreneurs in Northern Alberta and Northwest Saskatchewan


Western fashion boutique – Back in December 2020 my husband made my dream come true and we started Country Cow Belle Designs together.

It has always been a dream of mine to start my own western fashion boutique. My biggest reason was I couldn’t find bell bottoms or flare hats at a price I could afford or in my size. So I made it my goal to bring a Western boutique up to Canada that carries quality and fashion from everything you will need, at a price everyone could afford without having to win big money at rodeos. Not only did I want to focus on prices but I also wanted to make every body type feel amazing so my store is for all you beautiful women from an XS-4XL.

I have thought about starting this western fashion boutique ever since I was 12. My parents took me to my first big rodeo down in the southern states and I fell I love with the turquoise, bell bottoms and flare hats. I wanted to wear it so bad when I came back to Alberta, but sadly couldn’t find any where that sells that type of clothing. Fast forward a few years and I went into a big western store in Calgary and saw some bell bottoms and flare hats and instantly ran over there to throw them in my cart. But then I noticed the price, MY JAW DROPPED. Ever since that day I promised myself I would bring up some product and create my own southern western fashion boutique at prices we could all afford and in ALL sizes along with decor and more.